Elyse Hightower

Elyse Carnelian Hightower

Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Half-Elf
Pronouns: They/Them
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 22
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175lbs
Voice: Southern Uskar accent
Location/ home: Riverwall, currently Wyvernrock
Deity: Silvanus

Personal/General Information

  • Casual follower of Silvanus, if they pray it tends to be to him. Occasionally hangs out with clerics of Silvanus when planning protests for the protection of forests.
  • Loves magical creatures, and is a published expert on them (in fact part of the team that made purple worms a protected species in Oosand)
  • Loves the ocean and coastal areas, especially coastal forests
  • Semi-accomplished college roller derby jammer, championship title under their belt
  • Known flirt
  • Open and honest to a fault
  • Obsessed with proving the existence of krakens
  • Very energetic, bounces around when they talk
  • Doesn’t care for authority, though they're willing to take a job for The Man when it can be used for greater benefit - would rather change the system from within
  • Hates to disappoint people, especially friends and family, and will inconvenience themself a thousand times over to avoid their disapproval
  • Crippling fear of fire
  • Eaten up by the guilt of leaving Riverwall after it burned without helping to rebuild, and is afraid to go back without something to contribute
  • Takes their skates and their green notebook everywhere they go

Physical appearance

  • Elyse is an agender person who began presenting as such at a young age.
  • They have an athletic build, but are still soft for it, with a pronounced tummy and round features.
  • They have proportionally long legs.
  • They have burn scarring up their right arm and their stomach/side. The scars don’t bother them much besides being mostly numb.
  • They have firey red hair that they usually keep shaved down in a mod cut. They cuts their own hair, so it tends to be a little wild.
  • They have a septum piercing and gauged ears.
  • They have three tattoos:
  • One of an octopus between their shoulder blades
  • One of a star on their left wrist
  • “These Gams Kill Fascists” on their thighs
  • They usually wear tank tops and shorts, usually with fishnets and boots. When they're adventuring, they swap this outfit for padded armor and hiking gear.


Born in Uskar shortly after the murder of Thomas and Alenia Hightower, Elyse was raised in the lumber town of Riverwall, far away from the tragedy and drama of the more wealthy side of the Hightower family. They were brought up not knowing much of their family outside of their parents, and would not connect with them until much later in life.
They instead lived their life in the pine forests of Uskar, helping their parents run their lumber mill and studying the animals of the forest in their spare time. They took a special interest in the few magical creatures they managed to find and interact with, developing a fascination with them from an early age.
Their parents facilitated their studies, ordering textbooks from Wyvernrock and other larger cities so that they could study from home and continue to help out around the mill. They discovered a natural aptitude for magizoology and continued to independently study it until the age of 18, when they applied (and were accepted with a scholarship to) the Darnell Institute Of Exploration And Dungeoneering in Oodang, Oosand.
The week they were meant to leave, however, a group of campers near Riverwall failed to extinguish a campfire, resulting in a wildfire that scorched a large patch of forest and burned down the Riverwall lumber mill. Luckily, there were no casualties, but Riverwall’s main source of income and their family’s livelihood was left in ashes. Forced to choose between staying to help rebuild (but missing their chance to keep their scholarship) or leaving to pursue their education, they chose to leave. Their family supported them, saying they would not hold it against them, but they remain guilty for leaving them at such a vulnerable time.
Guilt aside, their time in Oosand was incredible for them. They achieved their Magizoology degree in 4 years there, taking a special interest in aquatic magical fauna. They were a volunteer for many scientific and conservationist studies in and around Oosand. Their biggest claim to fame thus far is a scientific paper that was used in a civil law case that eventually saw purple worms being declared a protected species.
During their time in college, they found another love in roller derby, becoming DIED’s star jammer under the name DemolisHer. Their team won one championship for DIED (the trophy has mysteriously disappeared from the grounds since then) and then never placed again. They keep in regular contact with their teammates, and usually stay with them when they come back to Oosand.
Now fresh out of college, they intend to return to Uskar to take on a royal conservation job, hoping to use the money to improve life for those who still live in Riverwall, and to keep tragedies like the fire that took the mill from happening by protecting nature and keeping irresponsible people from it.

Their goal(s)

  • Find a steady job so that they can kick the gold back to Riverwall and facilitate the ongoing rebuild efforts.
  • Protect the wildlife of Azanne in any way they can, optimistically through scientific study. They secretly hope that their royal conservation job can get them close to the king and get some stricter wildlife regulation laws passed.
  • Make some new friends now that they're out of college, maybe date a little, now that their life has settled a bit.

Journal entry / quote

“I came back to Uskar today - first time I’ve been back in four years. First time I’ve ever even been to Wyvernrock. Weird how different it is from everything I’ve heard. Guess nearly being destroyed will do that to a place. Makes me wonder how different Riverwall’s gotten - I ain’t going back there to find out. Not yet, anyway.
My place in Wyvernrock is small. Comfortable, though. I live right next to the Fantasy Costco, which is convenient, though the noises that come from that place are more than a little distressing.
King Gwyndolin wasn’t taking visitors today, which is fine by me. My first day isn't til tomorrow, and honestly, I’m happy to have the extra time to calm my nerves. I guess I didn’t process till now that I’m gonna be working for an actual king.
It’s less the status or whatever that bothers me; I could care less about that. I’m more worried about his morals. I’ve lived out of the country for four years, and the man spent the first thirty years of his reign under mind control. I have no idea what his politics are like now. What if it turns out he doesn’t really give a shit about conservation and he just wants me on to check off a box? I can’t really refuse the money. Ain’t gonna make the kind of gold I need doing nonprofit work. But if I’m just stuck here not doing anything to help - I don’t know that I could handle it, honestly.
Anyway, I spent the day skating around, learning the lay of the land. One good thing about living in a place that doesn’t have dirt roads - everywhere is skatable. Lots of shops here in Uskar. Pretty much everywhere but the slums and the houses basically exists to take in money. I guess if you’re gonna live in the big city, you better bring the gold. Lot of art too, though, which is nice. Big statues of all these Hellcasket Day Heroes everywhere. Little pretentious, if you ask me, but I guess I never saved the world before, so who am I to judge? If anyone’s earned a statue or two, reckon it’s them."

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