Gorandi Mandir Hellindasu

Gorandi Hattala Darken Danger Kali Mandir-Hellindasu

Class: Bard
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Undine
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Bisexual
Age: 17
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 103lbs
Voice: Midland (Uskar/Oolong) accent
Hometown / Current Location: , currently Wyvernrock
Deity: N/A

Personal/General Information

Physical appearance

  • Gorandi is very short and slim, with more bone than any muscle. While she used this to her advantage in the Thieves Guild, her stature is borderline unhealthy.
  • Her skin is scaled. Her scales have two layers: a sliver-green undertone, and an iridescent periwinkle-blue overtone. This overtone, the upper layer of scales, is hard to see unless in direct sunlight—this also makes her undertone of scales to appear more silver.
  • Her face is very round, and large rounded eyes to boot.
  • Her eyes have a third lid for visibility and protection under water. Her irises are amber.
  • She has naturally pointed teeth, although their sharpness is subtle depending on how widely she smiles. Her nostrils are similarly hidden unless she makes a face.
  • The scales on her face appear to bulk up around where her eyebrows would be, and around the fins of her head resembling cropped hair.
  • Her ears are fins instead of regular cartilage. They have some grown over scarring perpendicular to their growth, indicating that they were torn and grew back.
  • Three two-foot long fins protrude from the top of her head in a crest. They are positioned symmetrically, although they have more grown over scars along their sides.
  • She has collapsible gills along the left and right sides of her neck where it meets her jaw.
  • Her hands are long and slim. She has 4 fingers per hand, and her fingers are more webbed than a human's.
  • Her feet are easily twice to three times the length of a human's feet. She has 3 webbed toes per foot.
  • She has an additional fin per limb; on her arms, they start at her wrists and taper towards her elbow. On her legs they start behind the knee and curve over her calves to end at the ankle.
  • She also has a vestigial fin overgrowth—mostly made of scales—that caps each shoulder. She'll never need shoulder pads, unless they grow sharper with age…


Their goal(s)

Journal entry / quote

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