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Htrae Dungeons and Dragons:

Welcome to the home of all information on the Htrae campaigns! This is a story campaign run by a group of college kids, and this website serves as an organized repository to keep tabs on encountered characters, our own characters backstories, and provide a one stop shop to find our media created for story telling.

You can get started by clicking through any of the links on the left to learn more about our world, or you can message the admin, glowingsupernovaglowingsupernova to get access to work on adding more content.

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Next session is September 21st & 22nd!

  • Started adding more player character pages.
  • Added skeleton for adding info to the universe page for countries & other stuff
  • Started an Oosand page. No real info yet, don't take your pants off jeeze.
  • Started an Uskar page, please feel free to add information!!! Especially Alice since you created the dang place.

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This wiki is based on the monodot template. It uses wstone's Monodot theme.

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  • Create a wiki template that is closely inspired by Wikimedia

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External link icon: what do we do?
Shall we have it on by default or have the user manually activate it?
12 Aug 2009 17:41 By wstonewstone

Transfering monodot.wikidot over to this template and more...
This is really for the admin to mull over.
11 Aug 2009 20:00 By wstonewstone

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